The everyday tool to cargo your stuff

The toolbike No O1 reinvents the way you get around town. It is the compact cargobike with invisible electric support that will meet all your urban mobility needs. Get a first impression of its design and specs.

Bicycle on the street

Where it all started

«If it doesn’t have two wheels, then you don’t care.» Mama Elda once told little Nicola.

Find out how MONoPOLE came to life in the portrait of our co-founder Nicola.

Hands playing with a lego bicycle

Who we are

Every day, we ride our bicycles around Zurich. We are passionate about developing new tools for your urban logistics. With MONoPOLE, we want to improve your daily flow and inspire change. Find out more about what we stand for.

Made to move you to new grounds

MONoPOLE never stands still. It’s meant to move you and your things to new grounds – and bring motion into your mindset. We constantly rethink, improve and evolve everything we thought we knew about bicycles. Maybe you’ll join us somewhere along the way.